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Apr 13, 2018

For Annalise and Ben, marriage doesn’t mean the end of other sexual partners or exploration of sexuality. They share the intimate details how they make it work- who knows, maybe you can too. 

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12:35 I became more comfortable with myself and my own sexuality. I became comfortable saying out loud to myself and to other people that I'm actually bisexual. And I am attracted to women as well as men. And I think that to hide a part of yourself that is true is really difficult. It evolved out me just accepting my sexuality and letting Ben as my husband know that “hey I am attracted to women as well. And this is actually something that I need to explore in order to feel completely whole.” 

26:10 It's very important that we at least trust each other's sexual partners. If for whatever reason the situation was that we couldn't physically meet the other person first that's okay as long as we explain who they are and talk about them and they're a trustworthy person. For us it's full communication about everything at all times. Some couples have a policy of don't ask don't tell. That could work for some people but for us it’s full communication about everything and every time- zero secrets. 

59:30 I would just open the conversation and not feel like the subject is taboo because there are so many people since we've opened our marriage that are either interested or they're in a similar boat but they just don't talk about it because they're nervous of being judged. My advice is just to be open and to live your life how you want to live your life and celebrate living and do what you want to do without hurting anyone else.