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no gradient

Oct 3, 2017

Chris Derr, host of the no gimmes podcast and one of the best conversationalists I know, talks the mods at Boston College, podcasting, and professional golf. His positivity, soak it in.

by no gradient

[0:32] “I don’t think you are supposed to be in the mods as a senior.”

[1:30] “I tell everyone that I know to start a podcast. If you have anything you are interested in you might as well force yourself to talk about it with someone else who cares.”

[2:12]”My great grandkids could legitimately listen to my podcast and be like my great grandpa was fucking weird.”

[5:00] “No gimmes gives a different idea on what a professional golfer is…there’s more to the culture than a stuffy guy in a polo who looks kinda gumpy and is hitting a ball around.”

[9:40] “I remember listening to voice messages that I left on answering machines as a kid and I would fucking hate it…I accept that my voice sucks.”

[17:34] “We sold the most merchandise of any golf course in the United States…it’s so fucking cold at the Presidio and these jabronis show up from the east bay.”

[18:10] “Dude you’re bringing fucking rain gear in June dog. You talk to any other golfer anywhere else on earth in June they’re thinking shorts and shorts sleeve. Then they show up at the fucking Presidio and literally it is perfect weather as they across the bay bridge, it’s perfect weather as they drive through the city, they pull up the hill get to the top of Arguello and they are in a fucking fog cloud and it’s 58 degrees and misting and they’re like wtf is this. It’s not a warm 58, you can’t feel the sun on the other side of that cloud. It’s fucking cold. We sell hand warmers like it’s no one’s fucking business in the middle of July. It’s like are you fucking kidding me dude. I bet we sell more fucking handwarmers at the Presidio than they do at like Park City mountain.”

[22:00] “People would be surprised at the level of camaraderie and fraternity vibe that the PGA tour and professional golf has because like it’s the same guys, you’ve been playing against as a kid realistically. Because you get to national level at 13 and 14 years old, same fuckin kids there, then college level same fuckin kids there. Web tour same fuckin guys. PGA tour, it’s guys you’ve been competing with since you were like 10, 11 years old so you know them. It’s hard not to be boys with someone that you’ve known that long.”

[24:20] “Anyone can win in golf, if you have the skill set it’s just a matter of is it your day or not.”

[24:50] “I know when interviews are weak, I’m not an idiot. You know when you’re putting out good content and having a good conversation. You know when it’s like “oh fuck, we are bombing right now, this is fucking boring.”

[25:36] “I remember my first shitty episode and I didn’t want to put it out. And I told my dad I had a shitty episode. This sucks, I don’t know if I want to put it out. Fuck that, dude, weekly content, put that shit out, who cares if it sucks. I haven’t thought about a shitty episode since.”

[26:15] “They travel 36 weeks out of the year. ‘Dude I played golf Thursday to Sunday, I gotta fly Monday, I gotta press conference Tuesday, I got a pro am Wednesday and then I gotta play another fuckin tournament on Thursday.’ You’re flying from Ohio to Louisiana or Ohio to Biloxi Mississippi so you gotta fly into New Orleans then drive fuckin 6 hours or whatever the hell it is.”

[27:25] “I have vivid memories driving to Utah, 12 hour drive with my dad for ski trips and we would just binge Howard Stern or heavy metal 80s rock music.”

[28:54] “A lot of golfers are not happy because they feel like they are underperforming because they come from a world where they have been dominating their whole life and then they go play on the professional level and are immediately at the bottom of the totem pole.”

[29:05] “Especially in golf where your money and your livelihood is directly based on your performance. That’s a stress a lot of people struggle with.”

[35:25] “‘Yeah I’m a range rat and I play this crazy game where for 20 minutes every day I try to hit a 50 yard hook through a fuckin hula hoop.’”

[36:00] “John Daly is a golfer known for hitting the long ball, 2 time major champion. He’s happy gilmore of the real world. But he’s a big booze hound, likes to smoke cigarettes, he’s got a bunch of interviews where he said he would drink 30 beers in a day and 20 diet cokes and 2 packs of cigarettes…John Daly is a free wheeling reckless kinda guy. He doesn’t spend time on the fuckin range. Spending time on the range will drive him crazy. He’ll get too mechanical, it won’t work. He wouldn’t have gotten to the level that he got to by being a range rat. So he would just play games. One thing about John Daly he’s the nastiest one handed left handed golfer you’ve ever seen. He’s a right handed golfer and if you look it up on Youtube right now John Daly one handed shots, he’s got videos of him hitting 30 yard sand shots with only his left hand. He’s all loose and fuckin flopping around doing his thing and hitting these one arm one handed bunker shots to 2 feet from 30 yards. It’s one of the hardest shots in golf. This fuckin dude is a natural. This guy can do whatever he wants.”

[38:00] “Dude fuck Bubba, I hate Bubba. Bubba's a cocksucker. I’m not a fan of the way he plays golf, I’m not a fan of the way he dresses, I’m not a fan of his antics.”

[42:35] “People either love golf or hate golf.”

[43:34] “My theory on no gimmes… if someone tells me ‘hey I shoot 85 86 on the golf course everyday on the golf course I’m trying really hard to get better’. I say ‘ok cool why don’t we go play and I’ll see what I can see in your game and see if I can help you anywhere.’ If I see people on the first hole throwing gimmes around I literally don’t say anything about their swing, I don’t say anything about anything. If they ask me at the end of the day what they need to work on. I’m like make everything. Why don’t you finish a fuckin hole for the first time in your life.”

[45:06] “Yeah, I don’t like fucking making nines but I made a nine last week because I fucked up a hole. I hit two out of bounds and fucked up and 3 putted. It’s like well I made a fucking nine. It sucked, I hated everything about it, but I finished the fucking hole and I made my nine. Like if people are giving themselves 3 foot putts for par and they’ve never made a three foot putt for par I guarantee you the first one you have them make they are gonna fucking miss and they won’t even hit the hole. It’ won’t even be fucking close. It’s like dude no gimmes. Sack up, finish every hole and assess what’s going on. That’s the only way you are going to get better at golf, through self assessment.”

[45:50] “At the end of the day golf is a game of self diagnosis and implementation. You have to look at what’s wrong with you.”

[46:30] “I need to focus on this so that I have the best opportunity to shoot my best score. Whether or not that happens today because I fuck up or because the elements were tough or because I catch a bunch of bad breaks is fucking irrelevant. I just need to make sure I put myself in position to succeed and no gimmes. Finish the hole.”

[47:00] “I was playing a tournament in Utah last weekend and I was playing shitty. I was losing badly through 7 holes. And I birdied 9 and 10 then [my opponent] got nervous dude and fell apart and started thinking that he couldn’t make shit. And it’s like dude you’ve never been in a situation like this before so the minute something goes wrong you freak out and panic. You need to self diagnose that right now. Be a man. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself. If you don’t do that you’ll never get better at the game. You’ll stay at the same level you’re at all the time."

[49:35] “My goal with no gimmes is to have the winner of every single PGA tour event every week come on the show the Monday after they win. I want one winner to come on the show every Monday the day after they win. Tournaments end on Sunday. For the LPGA tour, the European tour, the Champions tour, the tour, the latin America tour, the Canada tour, the fuckin Hooters Tour, the fuckin PGA tour, every single tour that you could ever fuckin imagine. The tournament ends on Sunday barring a weather delay. I want to get every Monday a winner from the week before on the show. Even if it’s for only 15 minutes while they are in an airport terminal getting ready to fly to fuckin St. Louis. Talk to me. Give me 15 minutes. I think the minute after you win people 1.) are on an incredible high, 2.) have really good perspective and 3.) could impart some knowledge on anyone and get people a better understanding on who they are. So that is my goal and when I would consider no gimmes a success.”

[53:40] “Giving yourself time to be still and with whatever it is that is you. Get comfortable with that. Get fuckin weird with it. You ask questions you don’t like to ask or whatever it is that you do. Be with yourself, it’s ok. It’s ok to be alone.”

[54:15] “Positivity is a choice. I make a conscious effort to be positive every single day, take care of myself and care about other people.”